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Astral Limited is proud to introduce the all new advanced ASTRAL CPVC PRO. A class apart in the category, ASTRAL CPVC PRO is more than just a hot and cold plumbing system. To us it is an initiative, to deliver a world class plumbing solution.

ASTRAL CPVC PRO pipe and fittings, manufactured by Astral Pipes, are made from the specialty plastic, chemically known as Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride [CPVC]. The CPVC compound shall meet cell class DP 110-2-3-2 and a maximum service

temperature up to 93°C. The compound is carefully designed in our R & D and backed by our own expertise of manufacturing CPVC piping system from last 7 years, which will give excellent results in all applications for CPVC piping system. It is unique

combination of highest Impact resistance without any loss in pressure bearing capacity / Tensile strength or Vicat softening temperature. This will ensure best trouble-free service and also stood notch above the initial installation issues of cracking / damages due to handling, storage and installation.

The pipes are produced in copper tube size (CTS) from 15 mm (½”) to 50 mm (2”) with two different standard dimensional ratios – SDR-11 and SDR-13.5. The fittings are produced as per SDR 11. The pipes and fittings in SDR 11 class is also complies to

ASTM standard. All Astral CPVC SDR 11 and SDR 13.5 pipes are made from identical CPVC compound material having same

physical properties. The CPVC fittings are manufactured from compound material which meets all the requirement as per ASTM standard.

Apart from having the same physical properties, SDR 11 and SDR 13.5 which are having different wall thickness and therefore, at any given temperature, they have different pressure ratings.

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